New Episode – new Season of the podcast!

YAAAY! and we are live!

Here is our first Episode of the second season of the Free Range Thinkin Podcast! ๐Ÿ˜€

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It is about our new publishing rhythm, about experiments with ChatGPT and how to finish things with (adult) ADHD:

S02e09 Implications of Neurodiversities, Montessori and Metaphors Free Range Thinking – A Neurodiversity Podcast

Greeeetings Friends! We start with a short and graphic ๐Ÿ˜‰ description of what is going on on the feline side of Sharon's household Alex shares a slightly dark story. The Story is about how a Neurodiversity like Aphantasia theoretically could lead to really bad implications. Especially for rehabilitation in Prison. How Montessori Teachers are trained in recognizing the neurodiverse skills in Sensitive Periods We should get a Montessori Teacher on the show. If you know somebody – please let us know: Montessori in School Reading with ADHD and reading to each other and: Reading to each other Goodreads Account Sharon's segway into **Metaphors** Writing Prose Alex got a Typewriter – Olivetti Lettera 32 Book Wonderworks by Angus Fletcher Yes and, we have SO MANY more opportunities for telling us anecdotes, metaphors, stories when stories can be annoying when they are overused Storytelling Bootcamp Not training the Tiktok Algorithm Digital Garden Metaphor Building Metaphor Tools how to write out the best metaphors to keep us interested Excessorize me drawings ๐Ÿ™‚ Temple Grandin who has aphantasia and got read a lot of books to you as a child – let us know your experience aaaaand: all you engineers and technical people out there: how are you working with metaphors and stories? Don't explain something to ALex like he is 5 years old ๐Ÿ™‚ Islands of knowledge Quantum physics and Exotic sicknesses like in HOUSE MD. imagine an auditorial learner with a blocked ear and forced to learn visually
  1. S02e09 Implications of Neurodiversities, Montessori and Metaphors
  2. 017 The Indiana Croft and Lara Jones Mindset – or: Treasure Hunt for Mistakes and Resiliency
  3. S02E08 – Maintain Friendships as a Neurodivergent esp with ADHD






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