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  • New Episode – new Season of the podcast!

    YAAAY! and we are live! Here is our first Episode of the second season of the Free Range Thinkin Podcast! 😀 Click to get to the Player over at It is about our new publishing rhythm, about experiments with ChatGPT and how to finish things with (adult) ADHD:

  • YES! You found FRT – Free Range Thinking

    This is the really tiny Website for our Neurodiversity Podcast. We – that is Sharon Leigh and Alex Kahl. You can find the Episodes and play them in the browser right here or use the Podcatcher Service of your choice: Apple iTunes Spotify Google Podcasts  One of our first goals with the podcast is to find…

  • Hello neurodivergent world!

    Our Mission is to bring Neurodiversity and Neuro-divergence out of the shadows and build more awareness so that we can all learn how our brains work, how to interact with each other and how to tap into our hardwired, neuro superpowers.