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S02E27 – Anne-Laure le Cunff – Mindful Productivity, Liminal Minds and Nesslabs Free Range Thinking – A Neurodiversity Podcast

Greetings Friends! This is a very special Episode for us becaauuuse: Anne-Laure le Cunff and her mindful productivity community are somehow the reason why this Podcast exists πŸ™‚ So we are talking about: Ripple effects and Anne-Laure's topics Mindful Productivity – achieve goals without risking you mental health Her Newsletter Her research about ADHD and neurodiverse online learning experience at Kings College Lab in London How she gets evertyhing together in a book for 2024? tbd title: Liminal Minds limimal is the threshold inbetween things like teenage and adulthood, between relationship and breakup, between uncertainty and discomfort teach people to feel better think better live better a node in the network see yourself as a translator do neurodiverse people have more experience with being in this liminal state? mindful productivity vs toxic productivity building overwhelming procrastinating systems in notion or obsidian neurodivere people tend to try to get control happy in swimming in this massive pool of ideas and thinking and creativity and artistic are not the same thing nurture vs nature liminal states and spaces in school conducting scientific expermients **conducting an experiment** 1. a topics you are TOTALLY fascinated by doesnt have to be useul 2. conducting experiments what are deifferent modalities to study this? online class, study group, Workshops, Classes 3. collecting data and reflecting on that **metacognition = thinking about thinking** pattern noticing, take notes, capture obersavtions how was i feeling? engaged? too slow, too fast? people around me distracting or engaging? when teacher said "imagine this" let an AI like chatGPT look for patterns in it – is their corresponding to anything self discovery with chatGPT kids who wish for more silence and retreats in the classroom – psychology of eventmanagement – higher loads of what is asked of us – constantly socially engaged how was Anne-Laure's eductaion? please write us for Anne-Laure: what is your next exxperiment newsletter at Future of Learning School of the future You can find Anne-Laure at:
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